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Double Spindle Drilling & Taping


Max tapping diameter ( copper material ) : 45mm
Max reaming diameter ( copper material ) : 45mm
Travel of spindle : 11Omm
Taper hole of spindle : MT-4
The diameter of spindle : <D80mm
Spindle motor power Drilling: 4-3kw, Tapping: 6-2.2kw
Distance spindle to column: 230mm
Working table lifting distance : 285mm
The range of spindle speeds Drilling: 1270-780, Tapping: 660-460
The size of worktable: 640x240x78mm
Longitudinal travel : 140mm
Cross travel : 220mm
Outline Dimension : 800x1100x1700mm
Net weight : 950KG

Adopt new techniques with PLC control system.
Application in large quantities. fast efficient. Drilling, Tapping in one-time finishing.
Adopt Pneumatic clamp.
The two-way slipway adopt pneumatic device and Cushioning and positioning machine.
The face of slipway is should be high f requency quenching and Lubrication in order to the machine can be use more longer.