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Gravity Die Casting

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Working Voltage Ac 380V
Equipment Power 7.5 KW
Working oil pressure 50-70bar
Max mold weight 125Kg
Max rotation diameter of the mold Ø 450mm
Clamping Stroke 270mm
Max interval between fixed boards of the mold 430mm
Hydraulic Power 5.5 (7.5HP) Kw
Clamping Working Pressure 8900N
Mold Opening Working Pressure 11500N
Angle range of front casting 0-90o
Angle range of side casting 30o - 80o
Volume of hydraulic oil tank 110L
Hydraulic oil brand HM46# or HM68# anti-wear, anti-foam and anti-rust petroleum base hydraulic oil
Temperature range for the use of hydraulic oil 5oC - 65oC
Outline dimension of the machine 1940 x 1750 x 1650 mm
Total weight of the machine 2000kg